Formalities of tax appeal

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Victor asked 1 year ago

I want to know about tax appeal. I don’t know the formalities to appeal the CRA. What should I do if I have an objection with their assessment? Is it compulsory to follow a formal/legal procedure? Or can I approach them without the support of a lawyer?
I have read that to get qualified for an informal procedure, the disputed amount of federal tax and penalties should not be more than $25,000 per assessment. So, I am qualified for it. But, as I don’t have any experience in handling this kind of legal issues, I am confused about the steps to be taken.

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Dave Alden Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Victor,
You can find a lot of information about how to object or appeal an income tax or GST/HST assessment/reassessment by the Canada Revenue Agency by searching “cra tax appeal” using’s legal research tool.
If you need professional help, publishes a worldwide directory of lawyers that you can search by area of law (tax, tax appeal or CRA Tax Appeal) and location (city, state or province, country). Click Find a Lawyer to display a list of attorneys and law firms near you.
Regards,  — Dave