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Secure eMail powered by Hushmail. Premium members of the Attorney Network can secure their online identity by reserving the email address of their choice (first come, first served; subject to availability). Your clients will easily associate your professional identity with the legal profession’s most prestigious eMail address: email addresses are only available to professionals who are Premium members of the Attorney Network. Avoid the use of free/ consumer/ throw-away email accounts when communicating with your clients. is memorable, portrays the right image and is not read by computer servers that insert context-sensitive advertising (really, do you want your confidential client communications read and interpreted by advertisers?)

Further, email is served securely over SSL connections (https://) helping satisfy your obligation to provide confidentiality when communicating with clients. Inbound email passes state-of-the-art spam protection prior to reaching your inbox, minimizing distractions and exposure to malicious content, all professionally provided by Hushmail technology.

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