How the FAA is Getting it Right on Unmanned Aircraft

1 Jun

Grand visions like these take time and thoughtful attention above political motivation; they take pure innovation. Innovation is occurring throughout the world, and our region is a key player in defining this exciting next segment in the arc of aviation history. Advisory groups like RTCA—through their special committee structure—leach out the political motivations as we work through these daunting challenges. Methodically. Patiently. With clear focus on quality over time.

And our region is leading the charge.

While the wheels of American aviation safety may not turn as quickly as sales-hungry giants like Amazon—new to the aviation game—might prefer, the FAA will safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system, if not by the end of this figurative decade, then certainly by the first year of the hypothetical next. If this means that our forward-thinking friends at Amazon prove the small UAS delivery concept over relatively sparse population under the watchful eye and more liberal UAS rulemaking of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority before landing on the doorstep of 123 Main Street, Everywhere USA, we as a nation should be grateful for the innovation by Amazon, the value added to this great American business, and the great relations between our great nations.

As we have proven—unfortunate war after unfortunate war—America brings technology home from the battlefield for national economic benefit. This takes time, we need to do it safely, and we need to do it through stable partnerships between industry and government.

This is not political innovation or forced integration for speedy economic benefit, but careful, methodical, innovative problem solving with an eye on system safety and stability. The regulations are catching up.


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