Gifts for Attorneys, Judges, Students & Law Professors

Law Gift

As we approach the holidays, you may be contemplating a gift for your attorney, law student, professor or judge. Why not consider a law dictionary – a gift that not only conveys your appreciation, but offers timeless utility to be referred to for years to come. Whether an easily transported pocket dictionary or the unabridged Black’s,’s …

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Contracts Quiz 1st Semester 1994

Professor Kingsfield

Contracts I Quiz 1. What is the challenge of an ideal contracting system? Express your answer in terms of the risk and balance of power. An ideal contracting system must allow parties the freedom to identify and redistribute all possible commercial risks, while regulating the balance of power between them. 2. In an ordinary commercial …

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Entering Law School

Summer Reading for a New 1L

Entering Law School;
Embrace the Bramble Bush

by Claudia Valenzuela

The Bramble Bush

There was a man in our town
And he was wond’rous wise;
He jumped into a bramble bush
And scratched out both his eyes.
And when he saw his eyes were out,
With all his might and main
He jumped into another bush
And scratched them in again.

– L. Frank Baum

A week ago Tuesday, I received the last acceptance letter of three law school applications

The Nightmare Before Exam Results, May 19, 2013


Imagine the transition from law student to lawyer – the thoughts of all those bright minds, having studied for years to earn their Juris Doctorate degree. And now, living with the anxiety of the day when their California Bar Exam results will surely arrive. Penned below, the remembrances of one such lawyer. 

Flight, Fear, and the Surety of Imminent Death:
Awaiting California Bar Exam Results

David A. Cain, JD. California Western School of Law ’13

 The nightmares started the week before bar results posted.

 The California bar exam is notoriously difficult and my subconscious started sending up nightly reminders how slim my chances were, how many eggs I had loaded into this basket, and how easily I could lose my grip on it.

Each morning started at around 5 AM when my eyes would shoot open …


Sample Complaint: Trump v. Maher

Donald Trump sues Bill Maher During Barack Obama’s 1st term and the 2012 presidential election, Donald Trump repeatedly questioned the President’s citizenship. Even though he obtained a copy of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, Mr. Trump appeared to be unsatisfied with its authenticity. Meanwhile, liberal comedian and political talk show host Bill Maher began questioning Donald …

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