Divorce Forms

Definition: (noun) Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, refers to the legal process of ending a marriage. Annulment refers to invalidating a marriage through a court procedure that requires showing that the marriage was never valid. Separation means no longer living together. It is usually voluntary and informal. Divorce, dissolution, annulment and separation all …

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Limited Liability Company

LLC; Limited Liability Company Forms Definition: (noun) A legally recognized business entity combining the limited liability advantages of a corporation with the ease of operation and management advantages of partnership. LLCs have rights and powers similar to a natural person – they can own real and personal property, operate as a business, borrow money, etc.  …

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Corporation Legal Forms

Business Incorporation

Corporation; Incorporation Definition: (noun) A legally recognized entity having rights and powers similar to a person; usually formed by one or more individuals to operate as a business, for tax or limited liability reasons. Use: The document which forms a corporation is the Articles of Incorporation. A companion document called the Bylaws establishes rules for …

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