cheryl sheridan asked 10 months ago

In my divorce the house went to me and the condo  went to him. Its been over 10 years since the divorce and he failes to get the condo in his name. My  question is, Do I have any legal right the the condo?  

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Dave Alden answered 10 months ago

Hi Cheryl,
It’s hard to know the answer to your question without having information to refer to from the final divorce decree and/or any related settlement agreement. If the condo was awarded to one party, it seems that there would be a document saying so. The document might have been the court’s order saying that the owner(s) of the condo shall record a deed transferring title of the condo to the husband. It sounds like that might not have been done. But to know what should have happened back then, and from that knowing what needs to be done now, is more detail than you’d want to put on a public web site. So my suggestion is that you go back to the attorney(s) who were involved in the divorce case, making this inquiry to them. If you didn’t have an attorney back then, or they are no longer available to you, you might have to consult with either a family law or real estate attorney to take a look at the documents from the divorce before they can offer advice to you about what you should do moving forward.
Hope this helps a little. Legal.com has a search tool to help you find attorneys in your area. Please feel free to use it if you are trying to locate someone who can advise you.
Best, — Dave