Is company negligent?

Legal Q&ACategory: Personal InjuryIs company negligent?
Shayne asked 3 years ago

I was asked to open my personal bag . this morning by manager of labor job. when I refused, he told me to leave building. when I passed through outside gate , I was mugged by the person that told said manager that I took his sweat pants and place in bag. but eaelier the same person admired my limited edition kobe Bryant shoes( value $200 ) and my cell phone ( value $? )both were what was stolen

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Dave Alden answered 3 years ago

Sounds like there’s some disagreement happening between you and possibly a co-worker?
You described whatever happened outside the gate as a mugging. Is that when the shoes and cell phone were taken? Were you injured? Is there a police report?
If this is all going down between you and a co-worker, and your boss is not responding to your complaints, then you should contact your company’s human resources department directly. If they fail to take appropriate steps then yes, you could have a legal action against the employer.
Regards, — Dave