Is it the courts duty to correct defects?

Legal Q&AIs it the courts duty to correct defects?
Reader asked 4 years ago

Is it the courts duty to notice and correct jurisdictional defects or fundamental errors even when they have not been identified by the parties involved?

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Dave Alden answered 4 years ago

Hello David,
You might be referring to sua sponte, which is Latin for “of one’s own accord; voluntarily,” or the more common meaning in contemporary litigation, that the court can act on its own motion.
Yes, even though none of the participants to a litigation have objected to a defect or error, the judge can (and often will) react to a procedural or substantive defect by, for example, denying the relief requested in a filing deemed to be deficient.┬áBut no, the judge probably won’t correct the error. Instead, he or she will identify the problem, then leave it up to the litigant to fix it.
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