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jerome longazel asked 7 months ago

We signed contract with North Carolina realtor.  She is lying to us about houses.  What are our options?

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Dave Alden answered 7 months ago

Hi Jerry,
When you say you signed a contract but now have reason to suspect the real estate broker was lying, it sounds like you either believe there was fraud from the beginning or something has changed since you made the contract.
The contract, assuming it was professionally drafted, almost certainly has a clause about breach. Read that clause to see how you should go about notifying the other party that they are not in compliance with the contract, and what you want them to do. The contract should have specific instructions for notifying the other party. You’ll want to follow those instructions.
Beyond that, it’s hard to prove fraud and look for ways to get out of your contract with the little bit of information posted here. This could be one of those times when you want to have a lawyer get involved. You can use’s Find a Lawyer search tool to locate real estate attorneys and law firms in your area.
This is also a situation that fits well within legal plan services. You might have such a benefit through work. If not, individuals, families and small businesses can subscribe to legal services memberships from providers like LegalShield. These plans commonly allow members to speak directly with a licensed attorney who has experience – in this instance, real estate. Once you’ve talked with the lawyer about your case, they will have you send a copy of the contract so they can read it, to be able to advise you further. They might offer to write a demand letter for you and mail it to the other party. To join call 800-253-7271.
Hope this helps!
 — Dave
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