Legal Forms

faye busby asked 1 year ago

Will theses documents (downloaded legal forms) be legal with out a lawyer preparing them in front of you? Will they stand up in court?

1 Answers
Dave Alden answered 1 year ago

You can shop online for legal forms, many specific to the laws where you are located. When you handle your own legal matter, it is up to you to find an appropriate form to use and research the law to make sure you’re not attempting to create an illegal or unenforceable document. has a search tool that you can use for free to research the law in your jurisdiction, using plain language to describe what you’re looking for. If you feel that you should have an attorney to assist you, you can find one or a law firm by search the area of law and city and state where you are using’s Find a Lawyer search tool.
Legal plans are also a great way to go for no-extra-charge phone advice provided to plan members, as well as review of non-lengthy documents. LegalShield offer legal plans starting at $24.95 per month. Call 800-253-7271 to become a member and access these benefits.
To generically shop legal forms online, please see’s forms providers for a broad selection.