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qwondre asked 10 months ago

My wife went to hospital and then rehabilitation. During rehabilitation her sister became medical power of attorney. Then she went back into the hospital and is now back in rehabilitation. She is 70 years old. It wasn’t until this most recent rehab that I found out that her sister became medical power of attorney during her first rehab stay. I believe her sister manipulated my wife into granting her mpoa. Since the sister can make medical decisions for my wife, can she not also be responsible for medical expenses?

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Dave Alden answered 10 months ago

Hi there,
To determine who is showing as responsible for your wife’s medical expenses, ask her hospital and rehabilitation care facility.
Unless you can talk with your wife or her sister to learn more about how the medical power of attorney came into being, you might need to get some outside assistance. The care facilities might be able to direct you to a patient advocate for answers to your questions. If they can’t help, then you should discuss your concerns with an attorney experienced in health care advocacy and medical powers of attorney. You can use’s Find a Lawyer search tool to locate attorneys and law firms nearby.
Best wishes, — Dave