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Reader asked 2 years ago

Is Pre-paid Legal Services still around? Weren’t they the original legal plan offering legal insurance to individuals?

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Dave Alden answered 2 years ago

Yes, but they changed their name to LegalShield and you can join by calling the toll-free number shown at the end of this article. It’s the same company and they are still offering individual plans, so you don’t have to be an employee of a big company to sign up through your HR benefits department. Individuals and small businesses can go online, select a plan (most cost about $25 a month) and sign up for it. People can call an attorney for legal advice the very next day – and keep calling, as often as they need, for as long as they remain members.

And they are for real. It’s not a scam. Consider this article by Forbes on  Aug 3, 2018:

“Legal services companies wisely allocate their human resources based on data about the most common legal matters opened by law firms nationally. They carefully analyze trends and predictions over time in such areas as bankruptcies, foreclosures, estate planning and divorces. They also consider the need for services like contract review and business formation — things for which everyone needs a lawyer. Ultimately, product development must be guided by personal experience. How can we better serve consumers and improve their experience in dealing with lawyers? What are the obstacles? What are the biggest factors that contribute to the high cost of retaining a lawyer, and how can we reduce that cost?

It’s about cost. It’s about … how does a family get a legal question answered, without it costing $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000? LegalShield, formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., has helped people beat the high cost of legal services since the 1970s. Really.

Plans are available for individuals, families, small businesses, employee groups and identity theft protection. To join call 800-253-7271.

Link to Forbes article: Agile Practices In The Legal Services Industry