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Chitose asked 12 months ago

I’m opening an eyelash salon in NY. I know that I need a business license, sales tax certificate, esthetic license (I have), Business insurance, LLC (I have) what else do I need to submit?

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Dave Alden answered 12 months ago

You’d need to get that question answered by an attorney who advises businesses in your city. This is because there are not just federal and state laws and regulations that businesses need to be aware of, and remain in compliance with. There are also local (city) ordinances. That said, if you can find a library with a small business center, city hall with volunteer mentors, etc., you might be able to get a list of what needs to be complied with, at what agencies.
By way of general guidance, has a bookstore of self-help law books. Here is the link to the small business titles:
You can also use’s free online legal research tool to check for online guidance. Search, for example, start a business in __________ where blank is the name of the city.
Hope this helps!
 — Dave