Seeking advice for reliable sources regarding a recent arrest

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Doug asked 2 months ago

Hello, thank each and everyone who reads, and gives their input on this matter and even if you dont, taking the time to read my situation.
I was recently arrested after being taken to hospital via ambulance concussion, blown left eardrum, tooth through lip, and massive contusion on my left side at the base of my skull which was the size of half a baseball it looked like someone cut a baseball in half and held it to my head.
upon my discharge from i was immediately arrested and incarcerated under the charge of Battery (Class B Misdemeanor), now while the charge is puny and really not at or in the least a big deal, nor honestly was the 7 days sat in the county jail [needed a vacation] Upon the review of my court documents given to me when charges were read, I notice that my grandmother is listed as a witness. This seems absolutely irrelevant, except she wasn’t there to witness the incident leading to both of us being arrested. So brass tax
does the falsifying and using a witness who was not present during the commital of a crime by charged individuals present YES OR NO (with details supporting only and will only be replied to and acknowledged) an arguement by myself of an absolute concrete proof that A. falsifying a witness name who was not present, and B. that other statements by witnesses could also be ‘fudged’ amount and then in turn qualify as reasonable doubt per the articles of fair and balanced or however it’s stated in the U.S. Constitution. There is reasonable doubt by stating/naming a witnesss who was NOT present during incident. I see grounds for dismissal based on an inability to secure a notion by judge or jury [if they’ve got a head and brain] guilty or not it’s falsified. I should win no contest…
the end was dumbed down because im hurrying, but feedback, and factual arguement and debate only please.
thanks for your attention in this matter and inquiry,