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ACLU Handbook Series: The Rights of People Who are HIV Positive

This paperback is part of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Handbook Series. It is estimated that HIV has been responsible for the deaths of over five million people worldwide, and has infected nearly five times that number. Indeed, the disease has achieved the status of a worldwide epidemic in less than fifteen years. The authors, all experts in this emerging area of the law, insist we cannot lose sight of the fundamental human rights issues that are at stake in the HIV crisis. The health policies, practices, and programs generated in response to HIV raise a myriad of challenging legal questions that cut across many areas of life and the law. Using a simple question-and-answer format, “The Rights of People Who Are HIV Positive” will prove invaluable not only to people living with HIV but to their friends, families, partners, advocates, and lawyers.

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