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American Bar Association Guide to Workplace Law: Everything You Need to Know about Your Rights as an Employee or Employer

A clear and comprehensive guide, written and reviewed by America’s finest lawyers, to all the law that matters at the workplace. The law affects just about every aspect of work, from hiring to firing to retiring. Now, as they’ve done with wills and estates, home ownership, family law, and consumer law, the American Bar Association has written a clear and compact guide to all the law that one needs to know, whether employee or employer. Among the topics covered are: age, race, gender, and religious discrimination; The Family and Medical Leave Act; workplace safety and workers’ compensation; unemployment benefits; drug testing and privacy issues at the workplace; affirmative action; and employee termination. As in all of our ABA books, the advice is dependable and in plain English — not “legalese”. The result is a book that anyone can understand, and that everyone needs.

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