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Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13

This handbook is designed to serve as a ready reference to attorneys and legal assistants in the handling of Chapter 7 consumer cases, Chapter 13 cases and Chapter 12 cases. It contains all resource materials needed to handle typical cases of this sort except the local rules, copies of which may be obtained from the local bankruptcy court. The text and supplemental materials contained in this handbook incorporate all changes in the Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure through January 1, 2000. The supplemental materials include: reproducible Bankruptcy Work Sheets designed for use in gathering data for the filing of any type of bankruptcy case; completed samples of official petitions, schedules and statements; samples of frequently-used motions, documents and pleadings; the text of all relevant chapters of the Bankruptcy Code, current through January 1, 2000; the complete text of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, current through January 1, 2000; and complete lists of property exempt under the laws of each state, under federal bankruptcy law and under federal nonbankruptcy law, current through January 1, 2000 unless otherwise noted on the list.

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