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Deadbeats: What Responsible Parents Need to Know about Collecting Child Support

In a perfect world, all parents would be happy to provide for the needs of their own children. But the sad reality is that 75 percent of custodial parents and their children never receive the child support they have been awarded and rightfully deserve. Deadbeats is a simple, step-by-step guide for custodial parents who are determined to make their absent counterparts pay the child support they owe, but are over-whelmed by the system of family law. It provides the legal research and advice that will enable parents to get the money their child deserves without hiring a lawyer, or to test the knowledge and competence of the lawyer they already have. In addition, this book offers straightforward, honest advice on dealing with the emotional turmoil caused by child support evasion. Deadbeats arms all responsible, custodial parents, male or female, with the information they need to take control of their child support situation.

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