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Gilbert Outline: Agency & Partnership

Topics Covered: Agency: Rights and Liabilities Between Principal and Agent (including Agent’s Fiduciary Duty, Principal’s Right to Indemnification); Contractual Rights Between Principal (or Agent) and Third Persons (including Creation of Agency Relationship, Authority of Agent, Scope of Authority, Termination of Authority, Ratification, Liability on Agents Contracts); Tort Liability (including Respondeat Superior, Master-Servant Relationship, Scope of Employment). Partnership: Property Rights of Partner; Formation of Partnership; Relations Between Partners (including Fiduciary Duty); Authority of Partner to Bind Partnership; Dissolution and Winding up of Partnership; Limited Partnerships. The casebook correlation chart includes the following casebooks: Agency, Associations, Employment, Licensing Partnerships by Conard, Knauss and Siegel; Agency, Partnership and Other Unicorporated Business Enterprises by Henn; Agency and Partnership by Hynes; Cases on Agency and Partnership by Seavey, Reuschlein and Hall; and Cases and Materials on Agency-Partnership by Steffen and Kerr.

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