Gilbert Outline: Contracts


Gilbert Outline: Contracts

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Topics Covered: Consideration (including Promissory Estoppel, Moral or Past Consideration); Mutual Assent; Defenses (including Mistake, Fraud, Duress, Unconscionability, Statute of Frauds, Illegality); Third-Party Beneficiaries; Assignment of Rights and Delegation of Duties; Conditions; Substantial Performance; Material vs. Minor Breach; Anticipatory Breach; Impossibility; Discharge; Remedies (including Damages, Specific Performance, Liquidated Damages). The casebook correlation chart includes the following casebooks: Contracts by Calamari, Perillo and Bender; Contracts by Dawson, Harvey and Henderson; Contracts by Farnsworth and Young; Basic Contract Law by Fuller and Eisenberg; Contracts by Kessler, Gilmore and Kronman; Problems in Contract Law by Knapp and Crystal; Studies in Contract Law by Murphy and Speidel; Contracts Cases and Materials by Murrary; Contract Law and Its Application by Rossett.

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