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Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics

The Understanding Series titles are treatises on a specific area of law. They provide an in-depth discussion of the area of law and could be called paperback hornbooks. This stimulating, highly readable text revises and adds extensive material to Professor Freedman’s award-winning 1975 book, Lawyers’ Ethics in an Adversary System. This book argues one position in a continuing and often heated controversy regarding the lawyer’s role. For the most part, it corresponds to the ethical standards that are observed in practice by a large portion of the bar. The ABA’s Mode Code and Model Rules are analyzed in the light of this position. Even if students do not share the author’s viewpoint, however, they can benefit from the presentation, because it challenges them to appreciate the underlying reasons for the position presented. Students achieve a real understanding of legal rules, as distinguished from a superficial familiarity with them, by testing them against their own moral standards and reasoned judgment.

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