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White Collar Crime Explosion: How to Protect Yourself and Your Company from Prosecution

True or false? If you’re an honest, reputable business professional, you’ll never have to worry that you or your company might become the target of a government investigation or prosecution. The answer is false. No business executive or company is ever completely safe from the risk of suddenly being served with a subpoena–often for the violation of obscure regulations of the IRS, FDA, Customs Office, EPA, SEC, and other agencies. The harsh reality in this zealous new era of white-collar crime crackdowns is that what you donat know can hurt you! This timely book shows what steps you can take to protect yourself and your company. Roger Magnuson, a nationally renowned corporate lawyer who has successfully defended numerous corporations and individuals involved in white-collar crime prosecutions, explains what areas are currently “hot” for prosecution; how to identify present or potential problems before the government steps in to investigate; what to do if a search warrant or subpoena arrives; which legal pitfalls can trap any company; when to “take the Fifth”–even if you’re sure you’ve done nothing wrong; what to say and what not to say to the press; and how to plan an overall defense strategy for the violations with which you’re charged. Using real-life examples of how companies large and small have successfully fought government prosecution, Magnuson arms you with all the information gained from what others learned the hard way–information that will help you fend off trouble now and in the years to come.

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